About Our Practice

Our practice has been affiliated with Reston Hospital for over 20 years. Our doctors are members in good standing in the department, and serve on various committees in the hospital. Our doctors are all board certified, and keep up to date on the latest advances in the care of women, including minimally invasive gynecological surgery. Our practice is comprised of 2 doctors: Dr. Speyer has been practicing over 20 years and Dr. Barrett has been practicing over 10 years.

Our call schedule does include cross coverage with 2 other female physicians, Dr. Hersh and Dr. Morales. The call schedule rotates nightly between the 5 doctors. Monday through Friday during work hours, the doctor from our practice who is in our Reston office takes care of the patients laboring in the hospital. Scheduled cesarean sections and inductions are always delivered by one of the three doctors in our practice. We trust our cross-covering partners to take great care of our patients.